Rumi L/S

  • Rumi L/S

Rumi L/S

Hand dyed in the WWC studio on Gildan Hammer Tees

The beauty of tie dye is that each garment is totally unique (YEY!), so any patterns/details illustrated in product images will likely not be the same as the item you receive. However, for each tie dye product there will be two distinct colourway options
* “Set Colourway” - You would like your item to be in the same colours illustrated in the product images. If that’s your vibe, perfect. Please be aware that as previously mentioned the patterns will be different from those illustrated.

* “Pot Luck” - You would like a random colourway to be chosen by us. If you aren’t a fan of the Set Colourway or if you just want a slice of the universe involved in your choices, then this is your bag. Please remember that there are NO REFUNDS, so be really sure you like taking chances before ordering. We have great taste though, so you can trust us.



All sales are final. No refunds / exchanges will be given under any circumstances EXCEPT of course in the rare event that items are damaged or faulty. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK SIZE GUIDES, THE SIZE YOU HAVE SELECTED FOR PURCHASE AND YOUR ADDRESS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

Please allow 14 WORKING DAYS for orders to be dispatched. We sincerely thank you for your patience.